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About the Photographer

I remember thinking how amazing it would be to travel the world when I was younger.  To see different cultures, cities, people, landscapes, mountain ranges or anything that I thrived to experience.  I wanted to sit at a coffee shop in paris, to camp at the base of the Italian Dolomites, to hike the unbroken landscape of Greenland, and to smell the salt air of the Australian coast.  These dreams have not diminished one bit, but I have realized that the place I am in now has endless amounts of hidden beauty just waiting to be captured.

For most of my life I have grown up in the mountain west of the United States.  Ever since I was fifteen years old I longed to be a landscape photographer.  Like all dreams, if you don't work for them, they are only a vision in your head of something you want.  I told myself that I am not going to do photography purely for self gain and recognition, but I am doing it to bring glory to the God I serve.  I knew I wanted two things right away:  to take pictures, and to learn more about God.  That was when I headed to bible college in Wyoming.

During my time in LaGrange, Wyoming, I learned so much about God; what he's done for us, who He is, what it means to live your life for Him, and how wonderful His creation is.  Instead of going back for my third year of Bible college, I decided to take photography much more serious.  I was going to capture His magnificent creation the way I knew how.  I feel such a passion for photography that I never stop thinking about it (as most photographers will tell you is true).  The more I take pictures, the more I want to share my experiences with the world.  I will forever continue to do what I do for God for as long as He lets me.  I feel as though the more I take pictures the closer I get to God.  He has given us such an amazing place - how can I help but share it with others?